Yelangu Pro Panoramic head 720 độ, 360 độ

Yelangu Pro Panoramic head 720 độ, 360 độ

Yelangu Pro Panoramic head 720 độ, 360 độ - 6773017 Yêu thích

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1. Made of high quality Aluminum alloy material, CNC precision machining, surface anode anti-oxidation treatment. 
2. Panoramic bracket consists of three parts- two quick release plate with graduated disc and a fixed plate.the quick release system could be adjustable for 360 degree vertically by loosen the upper pivot bearing lock knob. And the bottom base can rotate 
3. 360 degree horizontally.adjust the camera position is more convenient. 
4. The ball head with 4 angles of rotation: 15 degree, 30 degree, 45 degree and 60 degree, in the horizontal or vertical shooting to 360 degree panoramic shooting. 
5. Dovetail groove at the bottom, can quickly with ball head or clamp for shooting. 
6. With suitcase, more convenient to carry.
Material Aluminum alloy
Socket Size 1/4 inch3/8 inch
Product Size 17.5*9*7.5cm (fold)
Weight 790g


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