Yelangu steadicam S700 pro Carbon fibre

Yelangu steadicam S700 pro Carbon fibre

Yelangu steadicam S700 pro Carbon fibre - 3942308 Yêu thích

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Giá: 2,200,000 VNĐ

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1. Panel open design,can be adjusted, fast install or remove the camera
2. Many screw holes on the panel, each location can be used to fix the camera, easy to adjust the balance
3. Anti-skid pads on the panel, unique ingenuity, significant non-slip effect
4. Sophisticated structure design, with perfect dynamic balance adjustment capability. Gimbal up and down adjustable, keep the camera balance. 360 degree horizontal and vertical arbitrary rotation
5. Exquisite workmanship, superior damping effect. Straight pole adopts carbon fiber material, feel good, weight is also a lot lighter than aluminum, greatly reducing the loading of shooting
6. Can be used with professional vest, mechanical arm, more professional to operate and more convenient to photograph.
7. With handbag, easy to carry.

Scope of use camera:
All SLR cameras and home DV camera camera.

Max length: 41cm~68cm
Weight bearing: 2~5kg


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