Pin FB chính hãng - Latt BP130W - V mount

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Pin FB chính hãng - LATT V mount FB130W 

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Pin V mount 130W dùng cho đèn LED (các loại đèn led lớn dùng pin V-mount như Godox 1000C, máy quay phim. 

Cấp nguồn chuyên nghiệp cho các thiết bị quay phim. 



FB BP-series is a rechargable lithium-ion battery and special design with V-Type bayonet which compatible with Sony Pro-Range Camcorder, Professional Camera such as Black Magic etc. Designed with V-mount attaching mechanism for quick and easy battery change. Four-step blue LED indicators for quick visual verification of the battery remaining capacity (more than 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%) When the BP-130W is used with camcorders other than those listed above, the battery alarm may not function properly.
FB BP-series is a rechargable lithium-ion battery and the charging input nominal voltage 14.4V to Max 16.8V. The BP-130W battery has a power capacity of 130Watt Hours, enough to run a 40 watt draw over 4 hours approximately. With interactive features and lithium chemistry's light weight, these batteries offer advanced reliability and portability. The battery is Eco-friendly which lead-free solder is used for soldering. Halogenated flame retardants are not used in the cabinets and the printed wiring boards.
Featured 5D2 power supply system can be plug into the power supply interface in the end of the battery and therefore fixed. Power indicator display on the top surface to allow the user monitor and check the balance of power, prevent out of power while recording.
  • 5d2 power supply system or USB 5w 2.1A output apply on lights, monitors and other photographic accessories
  • Adopts high quality Li-Ion cells ensure great performance and reliablity
  • Built in proctecting circuits MCU protect battery from over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit
  • 2 charge socket, AC-DC or D-TAP input can be used *FB-AC 150V D-Tap Charging Adapter is optional

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