Màn hình Viltrox VILTROX DC-90HD support 4K

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Màn hình cao cấp 9 inch

Độ phân giải HD 1920x1200 

Hỗ trợ máy ảnh quay phim 4K. 

Bảo hành chính hãng 12 tháng. 


VILTROX DC-90HD HD video Monitor Supports 4K HDMI Input/Output 1920x1200 Pixels HD IPS LCD Camera Video Monitor Display HDMI AV Input for DSLR BMPCC



Product description


Viltrox 8.9" high definition LCD monitor , owns the largest size of Viltrox portable monitor series . It furthest broadens your view while upgrading a variety of features , so that the frame is more exquisiter , colour is more realisticer. Bringing invincible HD experience, the real view just like in front of you. It is your a indispensable assistant of professional photography.

Colour : Black
Material: Aluminium alloy
Item dimension: 225 x 155.5 x21.5 mm.
Screen size:8.9 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1200 Pixels
Input jack : HDMI, AV signal input 
Output jack : HDMI signal output.
Audio: Loudspeaker , headphone port 3.5mm
Software upgrade : USB upgrade port 
Power supply :DC IN input (power port)
Power adapter working voltage : DC 8V-18V
Suitable Battery model : NP-F550/F570/F770/F960
Operation temperature :+0 to +40 ° C (+32 to + 104 ° F)
Storage temperature: 20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F) 
Net weight :Approx. 820g (excluding battery)

Package list:
1 x8.9" HD monitor
1 x standard hot shoe holder
1 x sunshade hood 
1 x HDMI cable 
1 x Type A¡ªtype C cable

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