Chân máy ảnh carbon SIRUI R1204 + Ball head G10KX

Chân máy ảnh carbon SIRUI R1204 + Ball head G10KX - 10457001 Yêu thích

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SIRUI R1204 G10KX Professional Tripod Ball Head Stable Bracket For Digital SLR Portable Photography Support Carbon Fiber Tripod

+ Chân máy ảnh, máy quay Sirui luôn được đánh giá chất lượng hàng đầu tại Mỹ và luôn có mặt trong danh sách TOP WISH (Mong muốn hàng đầu)

+ Được chế tác từ nguyên liệu cao cấp nhất với công nghệ CNC và hoàn thiện tốt nhất trên thế giới hiện nay. 

+ Thích hợp với các nhiếp ảnh gia chuyên nghiệp đòi hỏi chân máy có độ ổn định và hoạt động ở độ chính xác cao nhất.

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Product description

Product Description

Brand: SIRUI Model: R1204+G10 Material: Carbon R1204 Weight: 0.9kg R1204 Max Load:10kg ABOUT R SERIES The SIRUI R series tripod line is broken into two different categories - the conventional R1 and R2 series tripods offer many desirable features including:A centre Column locking collar with a special design that is very convenient to use - even while wearing gloves in cold weather.A tripod mounting plate with a double headed, reversible screw that accommodates 1/4" and 3/8" tripod sockets.A useful built-in bubble level to help properly align the tripod. ABOUT Sirui R1204 The tripod's construction ensures work stability, while the highest-quality material facilitates shooting both at low and high temperatures (-40o C - 100o C). In comparison to N, M and TX series, the tripod does not feature the monopod function and reversed leg folding system (the so called ?traveller" function). It provides the maximum loading capacity of 10 kg, weighting only 0,9 kg. The tripod's legs have been divided into four sections with height adjustable by bolts. Each section is divided by a special gasket protecting the device against sand, dust and dampness. Leg base may be adjusted individually to suit your needs, in the following ranges: 25o, 55o and 80o. One of the legs comes with a special foam increasing the comfort of use at low temperatures.



Tripod ball head Sirui G-10X professional Ball Head universal for digital  slr cameras Canon Sony Nikon Free shipping
The Sirui G-10X Ball Head is an extremely sturdy head with separate control knobs for pan, tilt, and tension, plus an Arca-style clamp for the included quick-release plate. The ball locks down extremely tightly thanks to the double-bevel locking system which allows support of cameras up to 39.6 lb and safe 90° tilting for portrait orientation. The quick-release clamp features a secondary release button that prevents any inadvertent disengagement of the camera/plate from the clamp, thereby adding to the head's overall security and stability.
Three separate controls (pan, tilt and lock) allow a photographer to exercise extremely fine control over the orientation of the camera, whether it's a DSLR, 35mm, medium-format camera, or even a camcorder. Pan, for instance, can be adjusted while the tilt stays locked, enabling precise movement that's measurable via degree markers for panoramic photography at the panning base.
The G-10X uses Computer Aided Manufacturing and an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a custom anodized surface treatment to ensure a durable, high-quality finish.
Precision Manufacturing
Sirui uses Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to produce a support ball with tolerances within 0.01 mm of a perfect sphere. This uncompromising precision ensures superior performance and smooth operation for any type of 35 mm DLSR or medium format camera system
Superior Construction Material
Sirui ball heads are made of aviation quality aluminum alloy 7075-T6 and 6067-T6 for long life and maximum strength. Quick release plates are made from forged aluminum alloy. The forging technique produces high-density metals with much greater strength than die-cast methods. Optional model specific plates are available
The panning base is designed with a 360° dial. Having a separate panning base lock knob provides greater accuracy for panning and panoramic shooting
Secure Locking
The patented safety lock design, and Sirui quick release plates, effectively prevent the camera from accidentally sliding off of the ball head. Most Arca-style quick release plates can be used on Sirui ball heads
Durable Surface
The custom anodized surface treatment makes all metal surfaces highly resistant to abrasions and produces a beautiful appearance
High Load Capacity
Superior locking force allows support of loads up to 39.6 lb
Easy Leveling
Dual bubble levels allow precise horizontal leveling for critical shooting situations

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