Nisi DUS PRO MC CPL 77mm Ultra Thin

Nisi DUS PRO MC CPL 77mm Ultra Thin - 1961803 Yêu thích

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1. ultra thin frame design 
2. 12 layers anti-reflective coatings 
3. high transmittance and low reflectivity 

NiSi  Circular Polarizing filter MC CPL


Use CPL or not



When using one you’ll notice a change how your camera sees reflections, glare and even some colors.

Polarizing Filters can give you deep blue skies, help get rid of reflections on glass or water etc. 


Product presentation:

 Key features:


   NiSi's CPL series Ultra thin filters apply a special thin-film technology and are equipped with the newest high quality Japanese Original Polaroid film and special technique of double sided, multi-coating, which helps increase transmittance while reduce reflectivity. The edge of lens is all painted with Japanese polishing paint for anti-reflection, which weakens greatly the impact of spots and ill-defined rays on imaging, and removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces. High quality lens assure CPL filters' smooth surface. Meanwhile, Ultra thin frame while using a high-quality aluminum frame (thickness only 7.05 mm), additionally, superfine

 dull polishing and elaborate knurling make sure that the frame will not blanch because of repeated rotation; this Ultra thin filter frames to help avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses., all materials used in this filter meet the requirements of European Union's standards of environment protection-ROHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances), it contains nothing hazardous. As well, screw thread in front of the frame makes it easy to install the lens cap and other accessories.


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