Đèn Ring light Yongnuo 808 - King of beauty ring led

Đèn Ring light Yongnuo 808 - King of beauty ring led - 15621143 Yêu thích

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Double LED digital display
The front and back of the product are equipped with LED digital display, which is more convenient to view power output and adjust brightness.
Double USB output,it can charge two mobile phones or smart devices at the same time.
Touch Button Function 
It is equipped with brightness preservation, whitening mode and creative fill light mode;One key to complete the fill light operation, the use of simple light more creative.
Using the appearance of 53cm diameter ring, combined with integrated soft light board easily shot round charming eye light,which appears more delicate and charming.

Four-in-one fixed seat
Equipped with three standby hot shoe holders and a quarter nut port, it is more convenient to fix the devices such as mobile phones and microphones.
Multi-point light source design
It is composed of 800 light beads, with large chip and high display index LED light source, Low energy consumption and high brightness provide sufficient and balanced natural light for photography, presenting a shadowless aperture effect.
Equipped with fill light adjustment knob, it is more convenient for adjusting fill light angle.
Support YONGNUO LED wireless control system
It is equipped with specialized remote control,which can adjust the required color temperature and brightness in real time according to the lighting effect. The dimming is accurate, reliable and convenient.
Two power supply modes
(1)Supports NP-F series lithium battery,convenient for outside use. 
(2)Supports external DC power supply for long time use,the applied voltage is: 19V 5A (Please do not use the laptop power supply).
Adopts YONGNUO exclusive LED constant current drive technology, the light brightness output is stable, intuitive,and photography effect is more reliable.
Equipped with specialized storage bag for easy carrying out.
The YN808 provides two versions for your option, white color version is formed by 800 lamp beads with 5500k color temperature. And bi-color version is formed by 400 lamp beads with 3200k color temperature and 400 lamp beads with 5500k color temperature.
Light source:800 lamp beads
Color temperature:3200K-5500K     
Illumination Angle:55 degrees       
Lumen value:6200LM  
Output power:48W  
Average life:50000hours    
Dimension: 550*55*550mm 
Power supply:two NP-F750 lithium batteries
External power supply:19V5A DC power supply (optional)

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