Balo K&F Concept Freestyle backpack

Balo K&F Concept Freestyle backpack - 10793690 Yêu thích

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  • • All multifunctional bags are made of waterproof anti-wrinkle and scratch-resistant nylon material, and all carefully assembled and stitched to ensure durability.
  • • Camera bag size 46*28*16CM(18.11*11*6.3Inch); Holds one 15.6"laptop, one camera and two lens. Some little accessories also could be stored in the side pockets and front pockets.
  • • Removable liner case can be taken off and use as a single bag. The customized inside space could be fully used.
  • • Widen shoulder strap allows you enjoy your travel comfortable and easy. Adjustable chest strap can prevent the shoulder strap from slipping.
  • • Designed with breathable mesh shoulder strap and back, providing good moisture absorption and ventilation.



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